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RockJock 4×4 – Suspensiones / Control Arm / Sway


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A true wheeler at heart, founder John Currie applies over 40 years of the Currie family’s generational experience in heavy-duty equipment to RockJock, developing upgraded suspension for Jeeps. By taking his passion project to off-road competitions like the Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series, King of the Hammers, Jeepspeed Challenge, and more, RockJock 4x4’s products have proven their capability to outlast and out-flex the competition.

The company’s industry-shaping products, like greaseable Johnny Joint rod ends and three-piece Antirock sway bars, dominate the Jeep aftermarket by providing unmatched articulation to outperform its rivals. Ensuring consistent geometry mile after mile from its Johnny Joints, RockJock 4x4 integrates its unique RockNut jam nuts to firmly secure crucial alignment components using a steel nut with a female taper that slides over the control arm’s aluminum bung with a male taper.

Additional product lines such as spare tire delete panels, steering kits, and towing solutions round out RockJock 4x4’s offerings, making it a do-it-all brand for serious off-roaders. RockJock’s trusted pedigree in Jeep applications has recently expanded to include the new Ford Bronco platform, bringing outstanding off-road control to a new mob of enthusiasts and competitors.

Product Lines:

  • Johnny Joint rod ends
  • RockNut locking nuts
  • Currectlync steering systems
  • Antirock sway bars
  • Spare tire delete panels
  • Towing solutions

RockJock 4×4 – Suspensiones / Control Arm / Sway


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