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Focos y Barras – Project X Offroad


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Project X Offroad is a revolutionary new lighting brand bringing a fresh spin to the off-road lighting and accessory space. Born from a conversation during the 2020 lockdown, the founders of Project X Offroad noticed that technology was connecting and improving every facet of their lives...except their off-road rigs. The company entered a market where things were done as they'd always been done, and Project X Offroad had a vision to shake it up by creating a smart vehicle ecosystem that seamlessly connects accessories and enhances the driving experience.

Many companies offer driving lights and light bars, but few provide the ability to control them wirelessly with a single switchboard, or via an in-house-developed smartphone app. Other products such as Project X Offroad's Elite OPTX headlights with integrated 4K cameras and Blizzard Box portable coolers set the company apart from the competition. Its commitment to the off-road community fuels an innovative spirit and drives the desire to pursue smarter, better solutions while having fun in the process.

Product Lines:

  • Headlights
  • Driving lights and light bars
  • Switch boxes
  • Blizzard Box portable coolers

Focos y Barras – Project X Offroad


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